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    SubjectRe: [PATCH][resubmit] x86: enable preemption in delay

    * Marin Mitov <> wrote:

    > > i think Thomas had a concern with the original fix - forgot the
    > > details.
    > Here they are:
    > but see my comment to it.
    > There is no principal difference between both patches. I have seen
    > Steven's one as merged in linux-2.6.26-rc5. The only difference (if it
    > matters of all) is that in mine patch
    > preempt_disable()/preempt_enable() sections are shorter and protect
    > only the code that must be protected:
    > preempt_disable()
    > rdtscl()
    > smp_processor_id()
    > preempt_enable()
    > As far as Steven's patch is already merged - let it be :-)

    we could still merge your enhancements as well ontop of Steven's, if you
    would like to pursue it. If so then please send a patch against -rc5 or
    against -tip. Reducing the length of preempt-off sections is a fair


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