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    SubjectRe: Q: down_killable() is racy? or schedule() is not right?

    * Dmitry Adamushko <> wrote:

    > > This looks racy. If SIGKILL comes in the WINDOW above, the event is
    > > lost. The task will wait for up() or timeout with the fatal signal
    > > pending, and it is not possible to wakeup it via kill() again.
    > >
    > > This is easy to fix, but I wonder if we should change schedule()
    > > instead.
    > [ for what it's worth ] I think, you are definitely right here.
    > The schedule() would be the right place to fix it. At the very least,
    > because otherwise callers are obliged to always check for
    > fatal_signal_pending(task) before scheduling with state ==
    > TASK_KILLABLE. e.g. schedule_timeout_killable().
    > Not very nice, IMHO.

    i guess we should fix this in schedule() - is there a patch i could try?


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