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SubjectRe: 2.6.25 -> 2.6.26-rc1: pcmcia flash card changed name from hda to hdc

> I now see the source cause of the hda -> hdc name change - we've fixed
> bast-ide (for arm/bast and arm/vr1000) palm_bk3710 (arm/davinci), ide-cs
> and delkin_cb to use ide_find_port() instead of ide_deprecated_find_port()
> in the commit 4f0eee4d877e3b617b6a22d209d52b3dfca2b2a7.
> This was needed because re-using interfaces already claimed by other host
> drivers was buggy (i.e. if ide-cs was used along with some other host driver
> that can be unloaded, unloading the other driver would result in attempt to
> un-register ide-cs interface => havoc), also the change was necessary for
> proper IDE warm-plug support (devices can be added/removed to ide0).
> We may try to bring the old behavior back with some (major) hackery but:

No, I do not think we should do any hackery here. I should fix my
scripts. Thanks!

(cesky, pictures)

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