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SubjectRe: Who can backport the AHCI driver to older kernels
On Wed, 4 Jun 2008, Rainer Koenig wrote:

> Hi Mikael,
> Am Dienstag, 3. Juni 2008 14:07 schrieb Mikael Pettersson:
> > Redhat seems to regularly backport the entire libata layer
> > to at least 2.6.18 (RHEL5) and maybe also 2.6.9 (RHEL4).
> Yes indeed we get perfect support from both Red Hat and SUSE for their
> enterprise level distribution. I already got a driver kit for the
> SLES10 kernel. The problem is that the targeted market is not willing
> to use enterprise level (which means spend money for subscription)
> distros. They go for the "free" (as in free beer) distros and suffer
> from missing drivers.

Why not just create custom boot cds with the newer kernel for each distro?
It seems like less work.


Gerhard Mack

<>< As a computer I find your faith in technology amusing.

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