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SubjectRe: [BUG] Linux task_struct leak
On Thu, Jun 05, 2008 at 12:40:07AM +0200, Thorsten Knabe wrote:
> I can start other 32-bit applications, for example compile an UML
> kernel, within the chroot without leaking task_structs, but as soon as I
> start an UML instance, I see leaked task_structs. Starting and
> immediately shutting down an UML instacne leaks approximately 2000
> task_structs. The number of leaked task_structs on the host seems to be
> equal to the number of processes that have been created (and destroyed)
> within the UML instances.

I misunderstood - I thought you were seeing a task_struct leak within
UML rather than a leak on the host elicited by UML.

> As far as I understand the UML code in the kernel, an UML kernel uses
> some unusual clone() flags when creating new processes, which are seldom
> used by other applications and could be related to the bug.

Yes, it does. I don't see the flags causing a leak, though. What
might be more likely (although I really have no idea) is ptrace.
Possibly a reference is held when it should have been dropped. This
might also show up with strace or gdb.


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