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SubjectRe: Inquiry: Should we remove "isolcpus= kernel boot option? (may have realtime uses)
[ sorry if this is going OT ]


> Furthermore, cpusets allow for isolated but load-balanced RT domains. We
> now have a reasonably strong RT balancer, and I'm looking at implementing
> a full partitioned EDF scheduler somewhere in the future.

I'm working on a partitioned EDF scheduler right now, and I have to
face several issues, starting from the interface to use to expose the
EDF scheduler to userspace, and the integration with the existing
sched_rt policy.

By now I'm experimenting with an additional sched_class that implements
a SCHED_EDF policy, extending the POSIX struct sched_param with the
EDF parameters of the task, do you see any better way to do that?
Could that approach be reasonable?


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