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    SubjectRe: Inquiry: Should we remove "isolcpus= kernel boot option? (may have realtime uses)

    Paul Jackson wrote:
    > Andi wrote:
    >> Right now the system boot could put pages from some daemon in there before any
    >> cpusets are set up and there's no easy way to get them away again
    > We (SGI) routinely handle that need with a custom init program,
    > invoked with the init= parameter to the booting kernel, which
    > sets up cpusets and then invokes the normal (real) init program
    > in a cpuset configured to exclude those CPUs and nodes which we
    > want to remain unloaded. For example, on a 256 CPU, 64 node
    > system, we might have init running on a single node of 4 CPUs,
    > and leave the remaining 63 nodes and 252 CPUs isolated from all
    > the usual user level daemons started by init.
    > There is no need for additional kernel changes to accomplish this.

    You do not even need to replace /sbin/init for this, no ?
    Simply installing custom
    with priority 0
    # chkconfig: 12345 0 99
    will do the job.

    That script will move init itself into the appropriate cpuset and from then on
    everything will inherit it.


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