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SubjectRe: [PATCH] libata: Handle bay devices in dock stations
Holger Macht wrote:
> * Differentiate between bay devices in dock stations and others:
> - When an ACPI_NOTIFY_EJECT_REQUEST appears, just signal uevent to
> userspace (that is when the optional eject button on a bay device is
> pressed/pulled) giving the possibility to unmount file systems and to
> clean up. Also, only send uevent in case we get an EJECT_REQUEST
> without doing anything else. In other cases, you'll get an add/remove
> event because libata attaches/detaches the device.
> - In case of a dock event, which in turn signals an
> ACPI_NOTIFY_EJECT_REQUEST, immediately detach the device, because it
> may already have been gone
> * In case of an ACPI_NOTIFY_DEVICE/BUS_CHECK, evaluate _STA to check if
> the device has been plugged or unplugged. If plugged, hotplug it, if
> unplugged, just signal event to userspace
> (initial patch by Matthew Garrett <>)
> * Call ACPI _EJ0 for detached devices
> Signed-off-by: Holger Macht <>
> ---
> Changes regarding the previous patch:
> * Make sure kobj does not go away outside locking
> * Coding style cleanups
> * Call _EJ0 for detached devices

Matthew, any comments?

It would be nice if you and Holger could work together to produce a
single patch[set]... right now I have patches from both of you, and I
was sorta waiting on the thread to die down to see if competing patches
might merge into a single set

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