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Subject[patch 00/14] s390 feature patches for 2.6.27.
these are the patches that are currently on my queue for the merge
window of 2.6.27:

Cornelia Huck (6):
[S390] cio: Register all subchannels.
[S390] cio: Introduce modalias for css bus.
[S390] cio: Rework css driver.
[S390] cio: Cleanup crw interface.
[S390] cio: Export some symbols for modular css drivers.
[S390] cio: Base message subchannel handling.

Heiko Carstens (1):
[S390] initrd vs bss section clearing.

Martin Schwidefsky (2):
[S390] Introduce user_regset accessors for s390
[S390] stp support.

Peter Oberparleiter (4):
[S390] cio: introduce fcx bit to chsc characteristics
[S390] cio: introduce fcx enabled scsw format
[S390] cio: provide functions for fcx enabled I/O
[S390] cio: provide helper functions for fcx enabled I/O

Sebastian Ott (1):
[S390] cio: remove lock from ccw_device_oper_notify.

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