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    SubjectRe: [PATCH, RFC] Earlier I2C initialization
    Hi Ryan,

    On Fri, 27 Jun 2008 09:12:54 +1200, Ryan Mallon wrote:
    > Jean Delvare wrote:
    > > I don't like option 2 at all. drivers/i2c/early could be, but not
    > > drivers/i2c-early.
    > I don't think its a good idea either. The point was that in order to
    > have two sets of i2c drivers with different link order (with regard to
    > the rest of the driver subsystems) you would need two top level
    > directories in drivers/.

    I don't think so. Look at what the input subsystem does (from

    obj-$(CONFIG_SERIO) += input/serio/
    obj-$(CONFIG_GAMEPORT) += input/gameport/
    obj-$(CONFIG_INPUT) += input/

    And there are similar examples with video (video/i810/ and
    video/intelfb/ are early in the list). We could do the same with i2c:

    obj-$(CONFIG_I2C) += i2c/early/

    (... lots of things ...)

    obj-$(CONFIG_I2C) += i2c/

    Of course this implies minor edits to drivers/i2c/Makefile. I don't
    know if we want to do that, but from a technical point of view it seems

    > The other way of course, is to use one
    > directory, or subdirectories under drivers/i2c/ and use subsys_initcall.

    > > (...)
    > > If we are going to keep using subsys_initcall in bus drivers, then
    > > moving the bus drivers using it to a separate directory is not needed.
    > > Which doesn't mean we don't want to split the i2c bus drivers into
    > > subdirectories for other reasons, but I want to see this as a separate
    > > issue. BTW, I started categorizing the different types of i2c bus
    > > drivers:
    > >
    > > If you want to help with embedded stuff or SOC or whatever makes sense
    > > to group together, please do! For now, everything I am not familiar
    > > with is in group "Others".
    > I don't know all of the embedded systems, but at a glance the following
    > busses from your others section are used on embedded ARM processors:
    > i2c-at91
    > i2c-davinci
    > i2c-ixp2000
    > i2c-omap
    > i2c-pxa
    > i2c-s3c2410
    > i2c-versatile

    OK, I've moved these to a section titled "Embebbed system I2C host
    controller drivers", thanks.

    > I'm sure someone else can point out any I missed, and any embedded i2c
    > controllers from other architectures. i2c-gpio should probably also go
    > under an embedded section as I assume that it is mostly used on embedded
    > systems where there is no SoC i2c controller.

    OK, I did this too. In theory, i2c-gpio could be used on any system,
    but in practice you are most certainly right.

    Jean Delvare

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