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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/16] x86: merge setup_32/64.c

* Yinghai Lu <> wrote:

> please check the patches
> it will rename setup.c to setup_percpu.c and make setup_32.c to
> support 64bit, and then change setup_32.c to setup.c and delete
> setup_64.c.

applied them to tip/x86/unify-setup:

Yinghai Lu (17):
x86: fix memory setup bug
x86: rename setup.c to setup_percpu.c
x86: we can use full bootmem after have init_memory_mapping
x86: update reserve_initrd to support 64bit
x86: put global variable for 32bit all together
x86: add extra includes for 64bit support
x86: merge 64bit setup_arch into setup_32
x86: space to tab in setup_arch
x86: rename setup_32.c to setup.c
x86: move boot_params back to setup.c
x86: move parse_setup_data back to setup.c
x86: move back crashkernel back to setup.c
x86: move reserve_standard_io_resources back to setup.c
x86: move parse elfvorehdr back to setup.c
x86: make x86_find_smp_config depends on 64 bit too
x86: change some functions in setup.c to static
x86: we only have init_pg_tables_end for 32bit

thanks Yinghai.


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