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    SubjectRe: [patch 1/2] mm: dont clear PG_uptodate in invalidate_complete_page2()
    > > > Like __block_prepare_write()?
    > >
    > > That's called with the page locked and page->mapping verified.
    > Only when called via standard codepath.

    It would be a grave error to call it without the page lock.

    > > I want the page fully invalidated, and I also want splice and nfs
    > > exporting to work as for other filesystems.
    > Fully invalidated page can not be uptodate, doesnt' it? :)

    That's just a question of how we interpret PG_uptodate. If it means:
    the page contains data that is valid, or was valid at some point in
    time, then an invalidated or truncated page can be uptodate.

    > You destroy existing functionality just because there are some obscure
    > places, where it is used, so instead of fixing that places, you treat
    > the symptom. After writing previous mail I found a way to workaround it
    > even with your changes, but the whole approach of changing
    > invalidate_complete_page2() is not correct imho.

    You rely on page being !PageUptodate() after being invalidated? Why
    can't you check page->mapping instead (as everything else does)?

    > Is this nfs/fuse problem you described:


    > Instead of returning error when reading from invalid page, now you
    > return old content of it?

    No, instead of returning a short count, it is now returning old


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