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    SubjectRe: [crash, bisected] Re: [PATCH 3/4] x86_64: Fold pda into per cpu area
    Jeremy Fitzhardinge wrote:
    >> Its loaded at __per_cpu_load but the symbols have addresses starting
    >> at 0.
    > Yes, which leads to an odd-looking ELF file where the Phdrs aren't
    > sorted by virtual address order. I'm wondering what would happen if a
    > bootloader that actually understood ELF files tried to load it as an
    > actual ELF file...

    If it is implemented correctly, it will work. It might trigger bugs in
    such loaders, however.

    >> Hmmm.... we could add the relocation offset to __per_cpu_load?
    >> __per_cpu_load is used very sparingly. Basically only useful during
    >> early boot and when a new per cpu area has to be setup. In that case
    >> we want to copy from __per_cpu_load to the newly allocated percpu area.
    > Yes, it should be fairly easy to manually relocate it by applying the
    > (load - link) offset to it.

    Seems easy enough, and as already stated, this is not
    performance-critical so a few extra instructions is pretty much a non-issue.


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