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SubjectRe: [PATCH] sched: CPU hotplug events must not destroy scheduler domains created by the cpusets
Paul Jackson wrote:

> How about:
> 1) Defining arch_init_sched_domains() for all CONFIGs, CPUSET or not
> (see for example how free_sched_groups() is defined, NUMA or not)
> 2) Then the ifndef can be removed from here.
> 3) Then the arch_init_sched_domains() can be moved comfortably inside
> the switch statement.

Paul, I just realized that this won't work. We actually need the default
version of arch_init_sched_domains() which builds the default domain. It's
used during bootup. It's only the hotplug event handling where we do not want
the default.
I could still redo the switch() statement as you suggested but it seems that
it's not going to improve the readability that much at this point.


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