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SubjectRe: [bisected] Re: [PATCH 05 of 12] xen: add p2m mfn_list_list

* Jeremy Fitzhardinge <> wrote:

> Subject: make page-aligned data and bss less fragile
> Making a variable page-aligned by using
> __attribute__((section(".data.page_aligned"))) is fragile because if
> sizeof(variable) is not also a multiple of page size, it leaves
> variables in the remainder of the section unaligned.
> This patch introduces two new qualifiers, __page_aligned_data and
> __page_aligned_bss to set the section *and* the alignment of
> variables. This makes page-aligned variables more robust because the
> linker will make sure they're aligned properly. Unfortunately it
> requires *all* page-aligned data to use these macros...

applied to -tip, thanks Jeremy. Created a new topic branch for the core
bits of it: tip/build. Sam might want to pull from that topic branch
eventually, once these changes pass testing in -tip.


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