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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Make rcutorture more vicious: reinstate boot-time testing

* Paul E. McKenney <> wrote:

> Hello again!
> This patch re-institutes the ability to build rcutorture directly into
> the Linux kernel. The reason that this capability was removed was
> that this could result in your kernel being pretty much useless, as
> rcutorture would be running starting from early boot. This problem
> has been avoided by (1) making rcutorture run only three seconds of
> every six by default, (2) adding a CONFIG_RCU_TORTURE_TEST_RUNNABLE
> that permits rcutorture to be quiesced at boot time, and (3) adding a
> sysctl in /proc named /proc/sys/kernel/rcutorture_runnable that
> permits rcutorture to be quiesced and unquiesced when built into the
> kernel.
> Please note that this /proc file is -not- available when rcutorture is
> built as a module. Please also note that to get the earlier
> take-no-prisoners behavior, you must use the boot command line to set
> rcutorture's "stutter" parameter to zero.
> The rcutorture quiescing mechanism is currently quite crude: loops in
> each rcutorture process that poll a global variable once per tick.
> Suggestions for improvement are welcome. The default action will be
> to reduce the polling rate to a few times per second.

applied to tip/core/rcu - thanks Paul!

FYI, yesterday's rcutorture-stutter feature survived a few hundred
random bootup tests in -tip testing already.

a possible area for enhancement would be the following code:

static void
while (stutter_pause_test || !rcutorture_runnable)

will cause HZ number of IRQs on nohz systems, even if rcutorture is
disabled. While it's fine to poll if rcutorture_runnable==1, the sleep
should be at least 1 second when !rcutorture_runnable.

[ Or it might even make sense to completely stop the threads from a
sysctl handler - to make it event-driven and to cause no extra IRQs at
all when rcutorture is disabled via /proc. ]


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