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    SubjectRe: Performance of ext4
    On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 11:42:36AM +0000, Holger Kiehl wrote:
    > Note how the size of file changes from
    > 9230 before the test to 8208 bytes after the test. Also note the
    > date both have the same timestamp "2008-06-17 04:35". I have made a
    > copy of before the test and compared it
    > with that after the test. The file is just truncated by 1022 bytes
    > and there is no garbage.

    So the corruption is always a truncation, correct?

    Did you notice the problem with ext4 w/o the patch queue? I have a
    suspicion that the problem may have been introduced by the delayed
    allocation code, but I don't have hard evidence. When you rerun your
    benchmark (which seems to be the closest thing we have to a
    reproduction case), it would be interesting to know if the problem
    goes away with -o nodelalloc (again, it would localize where we need
    to look).

    Thanks, regards,

    - Ted

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