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    SubjectRe: [E1000-devel] [TCP]: TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT causes leak sockets

    * Kok, Auke <> wrote:

    > > Any ideas about what i should try next?
    > have you tried e1000e?

    will try it.

    But even it if solves the problem it's a nasty complication: given how
    many times i have to bisect back into the times when there was only
    e1000 around, how do i handle the transition? I have automated bisection
    tools, etc. and i bisect very frequently.

    It's a real practical problem for me: if i have E1000E=y in my .config
    and go back to an older kernel, i lose that .config setting in 'make
    oldconfig'. Then when the bisection run happens to go back into the
    E1000E times, 'make oldconfig' picks up E1000E with a default-off
    setting - and things break or work differently.

    no other Linux driver i'm using forces me to do that and i rely on many
    of them and i rely on proper 'make oldconfig' behavior on a daily basis.
    Until now i was able to do automatic bisection back for _years_, to the
    v2.6.19 times. You broke that.

    And that's just one driver out of thousands of Linux drivers. Imagine
    what happened to bisectability and migration quality if every driver
    version update was this careless about its installed base as

    The e1000 -> e1000e migration it was not only done in an incompetent,
    amateurish way, you also ignored real feedback and that combined
    together is totally lame and inacceptable behavior in my book. You
    should not expect praise and roses from me as long as you do stupid
    things like that.


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