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Subject[patch 00/28] PNP: convert fixed tables to lists, v3
This patch series contains all my PNP patches that are not yet in Linus'
tree, including both the "convert resource table to dynamic list" series
and the "convert resource options to unified dynamic list" series.

This series should replace all the PNP patches in -mm from
except for isa-set-24-bit-dma_mask-for-isa-devices.patch, which got
stuck in the middle but isn't really PNP-related.

I'll be on vacation for the rest of the week, so I won't be able to
respond to any issues until Monday.

Here are the significant changes since the last posting:

- When replacing pnp_resource_table, the PNPACPI resource encoders
have to explicitly handle disabled resources; previously any
unused slots in the table were implicitly disabled. This should
fix Jiri Slaby's oops on suspend/resume (though he hasn't tested
this version).

This change is in the patch titled "PNP: replace pnp_resource_table
with dynamically allocated resources".

- Added a new patch to keep disabled IRQ and DMA resources when parsing
current config. This fixes a bug in the current (2.6.25) PNPACPI
code: consider a device with (mem, irq0, irq1, io), where irq0 is
disabled. If we drop irq0 when parsing the _CRS, we will mistakenly
put irq1 in the irq0 slot when we encode resources for an _SRS call.

- Added a new patch to avoid interrupts used by an IDE controller in
compatibility mode.

- Added a new PNPACPI patch to support HP vendor-specific descriptors.
This has long been supported by arch/ia64/kernel/acpi-ext.c, which
provides an hp_acpi_csr_space() interface, but I think it's better
and more generic to support it in PNPACPI.

Changes since v2 of "convert resource options to unified dynamic list":

- fixed bisection problem in quirk_ad1815_mpu_resources()
- fixed checkpatch warning in pnp_show_options()
- replaced pnp_independent_option() with literal 0
- fixed coding style in pnp/manager.c
- added EXPORT_SYMBOL(pnp_possible_config)


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