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SubjectRe: Regressions in the last kernels
Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:
> On Sunday, 15 of June 2008, David Newall wrote:
>> werner wrote:
>>> During preparation and own testing for my distro; installation on computers
>>> for neighbours, by reclamations by users, I learned about the following
>>> problems of 2.6.26-rcX :
>>> 1) When compiling for i486, one cannot select/configurate more memory than
>>> 4 GB, menuconfig don't show items with higher values.
>> Is not the i486 limited to a 4GB address space?
> The point, if I understand it correctly, is that if you compile the kernel for
> i486 and then run it on something that does support PAE, it will only see
> 4 GB of RAM.

Rather like compiling it for i486 and running it on ia64: you ask for an
i486, you don't get to use features beyond that CPU.

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