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SubjectRe: Regressions in the last kernels
On Sat, 14 Jun 2008 15:26:09 -0300 (GFT)
"werner" <> wrote:

> During preparation and own testing for my distro; installation on
> computers for neighbours, by reclamations by users, I learned about
> the following problems of 2.6.26-rcX :
> 1) When compiling for i486, one cannot select/configurate more
> memory than 4 GB, menuconfig don't show items with higher values. My
> own computer/server has 8 GB, but when I compile the kernel with 4 GB
> and i486 then 'free' shows only 3.2 GB (no shared grafics, the grafic
> card has its own memory) ...

interesting problem... 486's didn't have PAE so are limited to 4Gb of
memory... makes this a policy question more than a bug...
(in fact, if you configure for > 4Gb a 486 CPU will not boot... so
arguably the new behavior is correct!!!)

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