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SubjectRe: Problem: Out of memory after 2days with 2GB RAM

> > Probably. it would be safe to use vmalloc for allocating txb anyway.
> > I'll give it a try.
> So vmalloc didn't break anything on the 32bit machine I'm just about
> to install 64 one so it will take hour or two.. I will issue some
> official patch after that.

Well, I disagree, and I'll push my patch as soon as somebody confirms
that it doesn't break anything.

> > There was already discussion on LKML about memory allocation problems
> > on X86_64, which might explain this regression. This didn't happen
> > before.
> This is the thread title if you are interested.
> 'x86/kernel/pci_dma.c: gfp |= __GFP_NORETRY'

Like I said, it doesn't matter, there's no need to _waste_
18*256*sizeof(void *) bytes memory.

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