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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] console - Add configurable support for console charset translation
    > Does the linux-tiny approach of adding a kconfig variable for
    > each 5kB of code actually make sense? I'm asking since an
    > exploding amount of kconfig variables and their
    > interdependencies have a not so small maintainance impact in
    > the long term.

    I don't want to answer for the general case, but I can answer for
    my specific case.

    My device has Intel Strataflash, which have 256 kB size of
    erase-sectors. I reserved one sector for u-boot (which is
    plenty) and 4 for linux --- which uses to be plenty in the
    2.4.21 days.

    It is no longer plenty, some years ago I switched one of the
    targets to 2.6.15. The 4 sectors still were ok. Some months ago
    I switched to 2.6.24/2.6.25 and now space is VERY scarce. Just
    yesterday, when I trashed unionfs because of some misbehavior I
    couldn't fix by myself and went with aufs. Now my kernel
    suddenly became 14 kB too big for my device.

    Now, tiny-linux patches are at 2.6.23, but I could still adapt a
    bunch of them to 2.6.25 and with that and some changed configs
    my headroom is now again 26460 bytes. Unfortunately, my custom
    boot logo had to go :-/

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