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Subjectpnp changes -> suspend oops [Was: 2.6.26-rc5-mm2]
On 06/10/2008 07:31 AM, Andrew Morton wrote:


I face problems after some of the pnp changes. If this is not known, I may
bisect it, it's 100% reproducible. I have no real logs, It panics prior to
network is woken up to see something on netconsole, I just captured a function
name and an offset of place where it oopses.

pnpacpi_encode_resources, ACPI_RESOURCE_TYPE_DMA case, pnp_get_resource(dev,
IORESOURCE_DMA, dma) returns NULL, which is dereferenced at pnpacpi_encode_dma
at p->flags.

It happens on resume after mem > /sys/power/state.

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