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Subjectexecute bit on scripts (was Re: [PATCH] add diffconfig utility)
Sam Ravnborg wrote:
> I will merge it if the feedabck is positive and eventual feedback
> is dealt with. (And Tim reminds me to do so in a week or so).


> I take most of the random scripts in scripts/ via kbuild.git.

OK - sounds like you're the right person to ask a question
that has been nagging me.

Is there a proper way to get the execute bit set in the git tree
on patches that contain scripts? I think patches
produced by git have something that sets the file permissions?
Is this something that can (or should) be hand-added to
a non-git patch? (I use quilt).

I put that blurb in the patch description about doing a
'chmod a+x', but that doesn't seem reliable.
-- Tim

Tim Bird
Architecture Group Chair, CE Linux Forum
Senior Staff Engineer, Sony Corporation of America

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