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SubjectRe: 2.6.26-rc5-mm2
On Tuesday 10 June 2008 15:31, Andrew Morton wrote:
> - This is a bugfixed version of 2.6.26-rc5-mm1 - mainly to repair a
> vmscan.c bug which would have prevented testing of the other vmscan.c
> bugs^Wchanges.

BTW. this is known to be broken with x86 1GB pages and direct-IO, due
to interaction between huge pages patchset and lockless get_user_pages.

My fault. I was away from the screen over the long weekend here, and
didn't give Andrew the heads-up in time.

This isn't going to be a problem unless you explicitly enable GB pages
and run direct IO (or splice) into or out of them. I can give a fixup
patch to anyone interested in doing so.

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