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SubjectRe: NIU - Sun Neptune 10g - Transmit timed out reset (2.6.24)
Jesper Krogh wrote:
> Rick Jones wrote:
>>>> To which cpu(s) were the neptune's interrupts assigned? (grep <ethN>
>>>> /proc/interrupts)
>>> Several
>> Which ones?-) I suspect that since it is several that at least
>> answers the MSI_X question right? Or is it possible to have a single
>> device have several MSI interrupts?

Well, the output below anwered my question about multiple MSI's from a
single device :)

> The table is rather large.

So, over time at least, the interrupts have been spread over half the
cores in the system. This is where the block diagram showing the socket
and I/O slot connections would be useful.

For the interrupts over a given interval, one can take snapshots at
either end of the interval and then run them through beforeafter:

I think that collectl might have something there too.

I guess the addresses in use weren't sufficient to get interrupts spread
across all 24 IRQ's.

rick jones

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