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SubjectPossible regression? 2.6.26-rc1: T61s failure after suspend/resume

I'm running a kernel based off of commit afa26be8 (just six commits
after 2.6.26-rc1), and very shortly after I suspend/resume my X61s (with
the Intel video chipset), the X server will lock up. I can ssh into
the machine remotely, and restart the X server, but the newly restarted
X server will shortly lock up again, and the only way to solve the
problem is to reboot. If I drop back to a 2.6.25 based kernel, the
problem goes away.

I've tried bisecting it, but the bisection points picked by git don't
boot at all, and given that I'm travelling I havent had much time to try
doing more bisecting; since I know a number of kernel developers have
Lenovo X61 laptops, I thought before I wasted more time trying to get
the git bisection to work, I'd check to see if anyone has seen this
problem and if the fix is known. I'll also try the latest bleeding edge
kernel and hope it's fixed there....

- Ted

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