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SubjectRe: [PATCH] clocksource: shift helper

On Wed, 2008-05-07 at 05:57 +0200, Roman Zippel wrote:
> Hi,
> On Thursday 1. May 2008, Daniel Walker wrote:
> > This is a little helper I pulled from the mips tree. I've seen a couple
> > of bogus shift values, and this helper calculates the shift. This
> > should move the shift selection away from the user, and systematically
> > pick the value base on the hz.
> >
> > I also modified the acpi_pm timer to use this new interface. The original
> > shift was 22 , and after this patch it's increased to 23. Which should make
> > the clocksource slightly more accurate, but shouldn't have much of a
> > visible effect.
> What is this calculation based on?

It's based on the clocksource_hz2mult() calculation. It tests multiple
shifts until the largest workable one is found.

> Unless I miss something even 22 is far more than enough. acpi_pm has a
> resolution of 279ns, thus the clock can't be more accurate than half of this
> on average and increasing the shift doesn't change much directly about it.
> What the shift value does influence is the size of the adjustment step the
> clock code can do during an update, so with shift=22 and HZ=100 the possible
> adjustment step would be 0.008ns (freq/2^shift/ntp_hz). The problem is that
> this value is also used for how soon the clock is being adjusted, this means
> the clock code is constantly busy adjusting for a very small error.
> So from a clock adjustment perspective a shift value close to log2
> (freq/res/10^9/ntp_hz) (with res=1/freq and being limited to 1ns<=res<=1us)
> would provide sufficient accuracy, while keeping the need for adjustment low,
> this means with the above example a shift value of much more than 8 doesn't
> improve accuracy significantly.

This seems like a problem with the current method also.. Given that
people just "select" a shift, they could pick one that is too large or
too small easily.

The method in this patch is not very sophisticated, so we could make it
take more into account.


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