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SubjectRe: AIM7 40% regression with 2.6.26-rc1

On Wed, 7 May 2008, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> Quite frankly, maybe we _need_ to have a bad BKL for those to ever get
> fixed. As it was, people worked on trying to make the BKL behave better,
> and it was a failure. Rather than spend the effort on trying to make it
> work better (at a horrible cost), why not just say "Hell no - if you have
> issues with it, you need to work with people to get rid of the BKL
> rather than cluge around it".

Put another way: if we had introduced the BKL-as-semaphore with a known
40% performance drop in AIM7, I would simply never ever have accepted the
patch in the first place, regardless of _any_ excuses.

Performance is a feature too.

Now, just because the code is already merged should not be an excuse for
it then being shown to be bad. It's not a valid excuse to say "but we
already merged it, so we can't unmerge it". We sure as hell _can_ unmerge


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