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SubjectRe: [microblaze-uclinux] [PATCH 04/56] microblaze_v2: Open firmware files
Hi Grant,

you understand I use of_device, of_platform and prom_parse. If you do diff
between them they will almost the same. One small difference is in prom.c file.

I hope we will move these files to drivers/of.
This is not only question to me.

Paul, Steve and David: Can I moved these three files to drivers/of?


>> Hi Steve,
>> you are right. Microblaze don't need CONFIG_PPC_something but
>> I keep this in files because it will be easier to move this to better place.
>> I wanted to sort what Microblaze don't use.
>> I need to talk with people from sparc and powerpc what we can move and where.
>> I see the best way to push these files to microblaze/kernel/ and then sychronize
>> them with one patch - all archs together.
> I would disagree. I think its better to push (and get merged) patches
> to move the files first; then add microblaze on top of that. You can
> start getting stuff merged piecemeal that way instead of relying on
> getting your entire patch series merged at once.
> However, that's just my opinion, others may look at it differently.
> Cheers,
> g.

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