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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] OF: Fix coding style violation in of_device.c and of_platform.c
Hi Arnd,

>> this is question to powerpc guys not to me. I haven't tried to compiled but I
>> think dcr.h is important header for powerpc.
>> I only fixed problem for Microblaze because we don't have these headers.
> A google search on "microblaze DCR" shows a number of results, leading me to
> the conclusion that microblaze actually does have DCR registers. In that
> case, the best option should be to just implement a dcr.h based on
> asm-powerpc/dcr-native.h.

You are right. Google can find a lot of things. :-)

Microblaze doesn't have any DCR instruction. If you want to use DCR you will
have to add bridge to design but I think 99,5% of designs don't have it. (Maybe
older from EDK 6 had).


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