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SubjectRe: [PATCH] stacktrace: don't crash on invalid stack trace structs

* Johannes Berg <> wrote:

> This patch makes the stacktrace printout code warn when the entries
> pointer is unset rather than crashing when trying to access it in an
> attempt to make it a bit more robust.
> I was saving a stacktrace into an skb and forgot to copy it across skb
> copies... Not sure if you want this, I have since fixed the code, but
> it would have been easier had the kernel not crashed in an interrupt.

applied, thanks Johannes.

I agree that such code needs to be more resilient, and resilience is
mainly driven by observing random incidents as they happen in the field.
So please keep sending such patches (even if they might seem dubious to
you at first sight), they do make a lot of sense - and even if a patch
does not end up getting applied your submission documents the incident.


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