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SubjectRe: changeset: Make forced module loading optional
Linus's recent commit said:
> The kernel module loader used to be much too happy to allow loading of
> modules for the wrong kernel version by default. For example, if you
> had MODVERSIONS enabled, but tried to load a module with no version
> info, it would happily load it and taint the kernel - whether it was
> likely to actually work or not!
> Especially as it happened to me by mistake (ie regular unversioned Fedora
> modules getting loaded) causing lots of strange behavior.

Hi Linus,

I'm trying to figure out how you did this. So fedora builds unversioned
modules, and version (and vermagic) matched your kernel? And you somehow
mixed them up?

I don't think relying on modversions is the complete answer here. Perhaps
we should make modules_install blow away old modules?


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