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SubjectRe: ptrace PTRACE_PEEKUSER behavior
Anoop <> writes:

[intentional fullquote]

> The call ptrace(PTRACE_PEEKUSER, <pid>, ...) does not work as described in the
> man page.
> Specifically, the man page states:
> Reads a word at offset addr in the child's USER area, which
> holds the registers and other information about the process (see
> <linux/user.h> and <sys/user.h>). The word is returned as the
> result of the ptrace() call. Typically the offset must be word-
> aligned, though this might vary by architecture. (data is
> ignored.)
> Using the PTRACE_PEEKUSER action, the "regs" component can be read, but the
> values past regs are not obtained. Even the reg values are not
> retrieved from a
> 'user' structure, but from the 'task_struct' of the process.
> linux-2.6.26-rc1/include/asm-x86/user_32.h defines struct user like this.

> /* When the kernel dumps core, it starts by dumping the user struct -

> */
> /* ptrace does not yet supply these. Someday.... */ <===================
> /* for this mess. Not yet used. */
> struct user_i387_struct i387; /* Math Co-processor registers. */
> /* The rest of this junk is to help gdb figure out what goes where */
> unsigned long int u_tsize; /* Text segment size (pages). */
> unsigned long int u_dsize; /* Data segment size (pages). */
> unsigned long int u_ssize; /* Stack segment size (pages). */
> unsigned long start_code; /* Starting virtual address of text. */
> unsigned long start_stack; /* Starting virtual address of stack area.
> This is actually the bottom of the stack, the top of the stack is always
> found in the esp register. */
> long int signal; /* Signal that caused the core dump. */
> int reserved; /* No longer used */
> struct user_pt_regs * u_ar0; /* Used by gdb to help find the values for */
> /* the registers. */
> struct user_i387_struct* u_fpstate; /* Math Co-processor pointer. */
> unsigned long magic; /* To uniquely identify a core file */
> char u_comm[32]; /* User command that was responsible */
> int u_debugreg[8];
> };
> Noting the comment after 'struct user_regs_struct regs', is there any specific
> reason why ptrace doesn't provide the rest of the members of this
> structure?

Since Linux internally has no "struct user" all of this has to be
implemented by special case code (in particularly a big switch statement)
While that could be done if nobody uses it (and that seems
to be the case) it would be just a waste of code.

> In
> that case shouldn't the man pages be corrected?

Probably. cc mtk.


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