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SubjectRe: System call instrumentation

* Mathieu Desnoyers <> wrote:

> > hm, i'm not sure about this. I've implemented system call tracing in
> > -rt [embedded in the latency tracer] and it only needed changes in
> > entry.S, not in every system call site. Now, granted, that tracer
> > was simpler than what LTTng tries to do, but do we _really_ need
> > more complexity? A trace point that simply expresses:
> >
> > sys_call_event(int sysno, long param1, long param2, long param3,
> > long param4, long param5, long param6);
> >
> That would work for all system calls that doesn't have parameters like
> "const char __user *filename".

what's the problem with them? Do you want to follow those parameters?


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