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SubjectRe: Possible GPL violation in Linux-based IPTV set top box
On Sun, 4 May 2008 23:47:24 -0400
Robert Kelly III <> wrote:

> The company I work for, SkyAngel, has recently swapped from satelite
> broadcast to IPTV. The set top box we are using runs Linux according
> to NeuLion, our partner company who supplies the STB. When we
> distribute the set top boxes, however, there is no disclaimer of
> warranty, copy of the GPL, offer for source code, or any mention of
> Linux as far as I can find. Isn't this a violation of the GPL and
> your copyright? I have raised concerns about the situation, but
> everyone here seems convinced it is somehow ok.
> What should be done about this? I am not sure who would be
> responsible as it seems NeuLion or some associate makes the STB and
> takes care of the software, but we sell it to our customers. Is there
> any possible way I might have missed that this could actually be
> permissible?

you should ask a lawyer, not here; your question is offtopic for this
list... there's no lawyers here.

Or if that's a really big step, you could ask Harald Welte or the
Software Freedom Law Center; both have a lot of experience with this
sort of thing.

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