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SubjectRe: RFC: starting a kernel-testers group for newbies
On 30-04-08 16:15, Arjan van de Ven wrote:

> Does that mean nobody should fix the m68k bug? Someone who cares about
> m68k for sure should work on it, or if it's easy for an ext4 developer,
> sure. But if the ext4 person has to spend 8 hours on it figuring cross
> compilers, I say we're doing something very wrong here. (no offense to
> the m68k people, but there's just a few of you; maybe I should have
> picked voyager instead)

On that note, I'd really like to see better binary availability of cross
compilers. While it's improved over the last few years mostly due to the
crossgcc stuff it's still a pain. Ideally, they would be available through
the distribution package manager even but failing that some dedicated place
on with x86->lots and some of the more widely used other
combinations would quite definitely be good. Perhaps not really directly
relevant to this thread as such, but still good.

Andrew maintain{s,ed} a number of them at

But as you see, most of the stuff there is really old again...


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