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SubjectPossible GPL violation in Linux-based IPTV set top box
The company I work for, SkyAngel, has recently swapped from satelite broadcast 
to IPTV. The set top box we are using runs Linux according to NeuLion, our
partner company who supplies the STB. When we distribute the set top boxes,
however, there is no disclaimer of warranty, copy of the GPL, offer for
source code, or any mention of Linux as far as I can find. Isn't this a
violation of the GPL and your copyright? I have raised concerns about the
situation, but everyone here seems convinced it is somehow ok.

What should be done about this? I am not sure who would be responsible as it
seems NeuLion or some associate makes the STB and takes care of the software,
but we sell it to our customers. Is there any possible way I might have
missed that this could actually be permissible?

Robert A. Kelly III

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