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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] x86: fix text_poke
Mathieu Desnoyers wrote:
> I am not saying that the standard marker will have to inhibit
> optimizations. Actually, it's the contrary : a well-thought marker
> should _not_ modify that kind of optimization, and we should put markers
> in code locations less likely to inhibit gcc optimizations. However, in
> the case where we happen to be interested in information otherwise
> optimized away by GCC, it makes sense to inhibit this optimization in
> order to have the information available for tracing.
> I expect this to happen rarely, but I think we must deal with
> optimizations to make sure we never trace garbage due to some unexpected
> gcc optimization. I think it's a small (e.g. undetectable at the
> macrobenchmark level) price to pay to get correct tracing information.

That's a pretty flippant reply... liveness causes register pressure
which can cause rapid degradation in code quality on a register-starved
architecture like x86.


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