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SubjectRe: [x86_32] With 4GB installed, in which cases low mem total is less than 896MB?
On 30-04-08 17:02, Fabio De Francesco wrote:

> I've got a Linux box, Intel Core 2 T7700 with 4GB RAM installed, with
> vanilla kernel 2.6.24 + TuxOnIce patch-set compiled for x86_32bit
> (CONFIG_X86_32=y), whose /proc/meminfo shows "LowTotal 794MB".
> I've always known that, in this specific platform, Linux permanently maps
> 896MB as "Low Memory" into its linear address space (as this last value
> is the one /proc/meminfo shows in the other two x86_32bit computers I
> own).

Others have already answered as well so this just as by the way and just in
case... why are you running a 32-bit kernel on it?


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