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SubjectRe: kconfig - a suggestion how to fix the select issue
Sam Ravnborg wrote:
> The suggestion is to introduce a "require" term used
> like this:
> config A
> bool "a"
> config B
> bool "b"
> depends on A
> config C
> bool "c"
> require B
> The require dependency will have impact on visibility.
> C shall only be visible if all symbols it require are
> visible. Note that visible does not imply 'chosen'.
> In this case C would be visible when A is chosen.
> When the user then choose C and B is not chosen
> then the user is prompted to choose B.
> So user has to chose B in order to have C chosen.
> This would make it visible for the user that choosing
> a camera had the side-effect that USB had to be enabled too.
> But if we have some general option that prevents the
> visibility of USB we would not be offered the camara
> in the first place

In the example you suggest, the user would not see the
option of choosing the camera at C unless they selected
USB at A, and would wonder where the camera disappeared

I speculate that having two ways to express a dependency,
and the addtition of visibility control makes the
dependency tree-walk into a problem which is no longer
solvable in trivial logic. That in turn makes my head
explode (;-))

I wonder if one could simplify back into a flat set of
selections without visibility rules and a backwards-
chaining "you need to select these too" message emitter,
and if that would be worthwhile.

--dave (who used to do formal logics) c-b
David Collier-Brown | Always do right. This will gratify
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