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SubjectFwd: QUESTION: How can I make a driver for a special serial keyboard which also supports output (maybe via serio_raw)?
(Now, for all people, sorry)

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From: Néstor Amigo Cairo <>
Date: 2008/5/27
Subject: Re: QUESTION: How can I make a driver for a special serial
keyboard which also supports output (maybe via serio_raw)?
To: Benoit Boissinot <>

Thanks!! You are awesome, guys, I wouldn't been able to find this if
it was "Googling". I have to take a look now, but it looks cool. If I
can just use this X11 hack now, then I have plenty of time to develop
a driver (for a near future, maybe, when more functionality should be

All comments will be welcome!!

2008/5/27 Benoit Boissinot <>:
> [please keep the cc list and reply to all]
> On Tue, May 27, 2008 at 7:27 PM, Néstor Amigo Cairo <> wrote:
>> I have been thinking on it, but it's easier to reimplement some
>> widgets on Qt for just three keys (I can reuse them easily because of
>> OOP), than managing focus on every widget communicating the
>> application directly with the serial port (I've been using a switch
>> structure for this purpose, which is not very kindly). I saw the
>> device as a keyboard with just three keys and which can also receive
>> some bytes from the application. This makes debugging and testing much
>> easier than dealing directly with the serial interface for changing
>> the focus and managing the application. The only problem is that a
>> driver must be written for the device, but my long-term idea is to
>> write some kind of programmable driver, so it could be reused easily
>> (by instance, assigning a matrix of values to binary data sent to the
>> serial port, and converting those bytes into Keys using these values,
>> as in the original driver, but allowing userspace apps to change this
>> behaviour). I'm not sure if it would be helpful for anyone else. And I
>> also lack any knowledge of the kernel internals, as you can see.
> If you just want to use it in X, then you could use ttyx (you can find
> it at It translates events
> from the serial device to X keyboard event, it was developped by
> Samuel for a similar project (a device with a couple buttons that sends
> the key via a serial port).
> I thinks it would be quite easy to add a table to translate to a different
> key if you need that.
This would surely be included in normal distros.

> regards,
> Benoit

Néstor Amigo Cairo
+34 687 96 74 81

Néstor Amigo Cairo
+34 687 96 74 81
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