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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at ffff81013a612000

Vegard Nossum wrote:
> It seems that you have three proprietary modules loaded: vmnet, vmmon,
> and nvidia (identified by the (P) suffix in module list above).
> Especially the vmnet and vmmon modules which have been loaded forcibly
> (the F suffix).
> This means that it will be very hard for the mainline developers to
> debug your problem. Most likely your report will be ignored.
> I suggest starting your system without loading these kernel modules in
> the first place. Note: It is important that the modules are not loaded
> in the first place. Simply unloading them won't work, as the damage
> may have been done already. If you can reproduce the problem when
> these modules have not been loaded, then I am sure it will be
> inspected properly.
> If you cannot reproduce the problem, however, I would try to narrow
> down the problem by loading only one or the other of the modules, then
> contact the vendor(s) of the offending modules.
> The easiest way to prevent a module from loading at boot is to remove
> the corresponding .ko file from /lib/modules/<kernel-version>/. (But
> keep the original file if you want to move it back later.)
As suggested I've removed all proprietary modules and am using the nv
xorg module for now.
Should that bug occur again, I'll let you know :-).



Georges Toth

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