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SubjectRe: I am a volunteer
Willy Tarreau wrote:
> Davi Leal wrote:
> > I am more motivated to do development than testing.
> And who do you think will test your dev then ?

My dev me, of course. Your dev you, or me but only if I have time.

> Testing very quickly involves development because you will notice bugs
> first, then missing chunks of code to handle special conditions, and by
> this time you will feel much better with kernel internals and will have
> no problem starting on more complex tasks.

I just note I am already running build by hand, etc. Has
some regression which I could test? Note below my time constraints.

> Also, we're wondering what motivates newcomers to directly dive into
> development instead of testing. Would you please explain a bit about
> your motivations ? It would help distribute more interesting work to
> newcomers, or maybe assign them more credits if it is what they are
> seeking.

In my case I am not looking for credit but for learning. I can only spend one
hour each day to this subject. Tasks which would require a deadline would be
a problem for me.

To start, I would like somebody point me to something easy to do, taking into
account such time constraints.

Something that would require the installation of Xen to be able to reproduce
and debug a specific bug via Xen serial port would be cool. Anyway just
point me to something...

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