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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Intel Management Engine Interface
    On Tuesday, 20 May 2008 03:11:54 Anas Nashif wrote:
    > We have addressed more issues raised on lkml after initial submission,
    > especially the legacy device support issue which was removed in this
    > patch.
    > The Intel Management Engine Interface (aka HECI: Host Embedded
    > Controller Interface ) enables communication between the host OS and
    > the Management Engine firmware. MEI is bi-directional, and either the
    > host or Intel AMT firmware can initiate transactions.
    > The core hardware architecture of Intel Active Management Technology
    > (Intel AMT) is resident in firmware. The micro-controller within the
    > chipset's graphics and memory controller (GMCH) hub houses the
    > Management Engine (ME) firmware, which implements various services
    > on behalf of management applications.
    > Some of the ME subsystems that can be access via MEI driver:
    > - Intel(R) Quiet System Technology (QST) is implemented as a firmware
    > subsystem that runs in the ME. Programs that wish to expose the
    > health monitoring and fan speed control capabilities of Intel(R) QST
    > will need to use the MEI driver to communicate with the ME sub-system.
    I bought a system with intel DG965RY motherboard year ago, and still no support for its
    O/B sensors in linux.

    Can I ask again, when you expect it to be released.
    At least intel should release documents how to access the QST sensors.

    I know that HECI is first step for that, but it is not enought to read those sensors.

    I Really hope there are good news,
    Best regards,
    Maxim Levitsky

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