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SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.25 (coretemp reads high temperatures)

> > > So, im confused.. The reason for this is that the internal sensor is
> > > operating on some sort of weird scale, and thus when you interpolate it
> > > into "your" scale, it doesent quite come out in the actual degrees
> > > celcius the cpu temperature really is?
> >
> > It's really only an offset, rather than scaling. The temperature
> > reported by the Core and Core2 CPUs is a relative temperature. It tells
> > how far you are from the maximum temperature the CPU can survive. The
> > value is expressed in (relative) degrees C.
> Ah, please ignore my email about ITUs (Intel thermal units), then. The
> above means 1ITU=1°C, but their zeros are at different places.
> > Rudolf did his best to find out the (absolute) temperature each CPU
> > model can survive (known as TJmax) so that the coretemp driver can
> > provide an absolute temperature to user-space, as all other hardware
> > monitoring drivers do. Our hope was to limit the confusion, but it
> > seems we failed ;) Maybe it would be better if the driver was reporting
> > the relative temperature value directly when we don't know the TJmax
> > value for sure - but then all user-space tools would need to learn how
> > to deal with this.
> Actually, just libsensors would, and the local admin can adjust it at
> will using the config file.
> Nobody in userspace should be reading hwmon sysfs directly without the
> use of libsensors. If they are, it is their bug, and it is unsupported

Hmm, that's an interesting ABI design. No, I do not think that's a
good idea.

(cesky, pictures)
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