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SubjectRe: 2.6.25 new perfmon kernel patch + libpfm + pfmon available

Several people noticed there was a typo in the website url.
The actual web site is:

Sorry about that.

On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 11:47 PM, stephane eranian
<> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have released the perfmon2 kernel patch for kernel v2.6.25. There is
> no major features. However, there were a major restructuring of the code
> to make it more readable, isolate features per module. The header files
> have also been restructured to separate user vs. kernel, and generic only
> vs. shared with arch. The restructuring of the interrupt handler yielded
> a nice 15% latency improvement on single counter sampling runs on X86.
> This new structure will make it easier to extract features and merge them
> with the mainline kernel.
> In the time frame of 2.6.26, I will push a few bits and pieces to LKML
> for final review and integration.
> Here are some of the kernel changes:
> - Cell updates (Carl Love, Takashi Yamamoto)
> - new perfmon_debug boot option to enable debug (Robert Richter)
> - several bugs fixes on Itanium, MIPS and generic hrtimer management
> - Power locking updates (Corey Ashford)
> There is also a new release for libpfm, now at version 3.4.
> The changes include:
> - AMD Phenom (a.k.a. Barcelona) IBS support (Robert Richter)
> - Python bindings and examples (Arun Sharma)
> - environment variable support to enable debugging
> - auto-detection of syscall base number for 2.6.24 and 2.6.25
> - new multi-threaded self-sampling example (Mark W. Krentel)
> - man pages cleanups (Steve Kaufmann)
> Special thanks to Arun (Google). The Python bindings are a nice addition
> to libpfm especially for prototyping and writing testsuites.
> Finally, a new major version of pfmon, now at pfmon-3.4.
> Among the many changes:
> - added support for dmalloc (Andrzej Nowak)
> - updated support for Cell processor (Takashi Yamamoto)
> - possibility to terminate pfmon cleanly with SIGTERM
> - --follow-fork and derivatives fixed on Itanium and other platforms
> - tracking of dlopen now works on mixed ABI environments
> - lots of bugs fixes
> As usual all files and more detailed changelogs can be downloaded from our
> website at:
> Enjoy,

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