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SubjectRe: Regression- XFS won't mount on partitioned md array
Eric Sandeen wrote:
> Eric Sandeen wrote:
>> Eric Sandeen wrote:
>>> I'll see if I have a little time today to track down the problem.
>> Does this patch fix it for you? Does for me though I can't yet explain
>> why ;)
>> -Eric
> So what's happening is that xfs is trying to read a page-sized IO from
> the last sector of the log... which goes off the end of the device.
> This looks like another regression introduced by
> a9759f2de38a3443d5107bddde03b4f3f550060e, but fixed by Christoph's patch
> in the URL above, which should be headed towards -stable.
> (aside: it seems that this breaks any external log setup where the log
> consists of the entire device... but I'd have expected the xfsqa suite
> to catch this...?)
The only way I can see that we'd catch this (by testing external logs)
in the current qa setup is
There are no specific tests to test out external logs (there is 044 but
it requires the env vars set anyway) such as using a loop back device
for the log. Perhaps we should do this.
I should check that our QA group are setting the vars in some runs.


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