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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/67] aufs configuration

Thank you for your review and comments.

I will fix as you pointed out.

Jan Engelhardt:
> >+config AUFS_ROBR
> >+ bool "Aufs as an readonly branch of another aufs"
> >+ depends on AUFS
> >+ default n
> >+ help
> >+ If you want make your aufs to be a part of another aufs, then
> >+ enable this option. In other words, you can specify your aufs
> >+ path in 'br:' mount option for another aufs, but cannot
> >+ specify 'rw' as the branch permission.
> >+ It will damage the performance.
> >+ See detail in aufs.5.
> IIRC, unionfs did not need such an option, so why does AUFS?

The *current* unionfs doesn't support such nested mount, ie. unionfs as
a branch of another unionfs mount.
Aufs supports it only readonly mode (if you enable this configuration).

> Performance is not "damaged" but "hurt" :-) [or just "will negatively
> impact performance"]

English language is much more difficult than C language for me...

Junjiro Okajima

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